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Chat De Gays Chat de gays Chat de gays

It doesnt matter whether were with guys or girls, we always end up in a room. Little things like that keep us coming back and making eyes at the girls. This was no exception. The girls were always nice, but I knew theyd always come back for more.
Haley, my girlfriend, has other plans for me. Shes always jealous, and I know it. But this time, shes the one jealous. Im too into her. Ive always had a thing for her, and now its my turn to be the one.
Haley keeps staring at me while she sucks my cock. She knows that shes going to have me for her forever. She knows that I love the way she grabs my cock, and she knows how hard it makes me. She knows that I love watching her tits bounce up and down while I watch her get pounded, and she knows that I love watching her pussy stretch.

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Chat de gays Chat de gays

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And what does it say about the quality of the place that it is the only place where you have guys who are going to the beach? Thats right, we are the only place where guys go to the beach to meet some nice girls.
Dudes, I saw you at a nightclub the other night. I was like, What?
I know, I know, I know, I know. It wasnt that night.
And what gives you guys the unlimited confidence and lust you need? You know, having a straight, white, hot chick like Karla has to be the most-funest thing to happen to men in a long, long time.
These are the kind of people that go to the beach and get laid everywhere. They are fun, they are comfortable, and, you know, theyre not jerks. You know, nice girl, nice face. Yeah, you know.
You know, I think its kind of funny that its so easy for a straight guy to get laid. You know, I mean, how many guys do you have in the same room?
I know. Ive been there a bunch of times. If I was there, I would probably do the shit twice. Im sure that I would probably get laid once.
That is the kind of guy that I am.
The only thing I want to talk about right now is the beach, and the

Chat de gays

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Chat de gays Chat de gays Chat de gays

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Chat de gays

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Chat de gays

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Chat de gays
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